This book is two generations late.
We live in a highly sexualized society. The moment we set foot outside our homes, sex is displayed, sold, or forcefully fed to us quicker than we are able to consume it. In fact, if sex or sexual content and all subliminal messages were to be pulled out of our economy, we would plunge into an economic meltdown as witnessed in 2007-2008. Although there is no single measure of national sexual activity, and particularly sexual perversion, emerging reports only give a modest idea of the state of sexuality.
They are the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg.’ For every shocking act that makes it to the public eye, there are ten, fifty, or even hundreds of other unreported occurrences (my kitchen statistics). It is not exactly the worst moral misdemeanor, just the most popular.
In these parts of the world, and only a few decades ago, many people would find it discomfiting to look at a woman’s breasts or a half-naked body. Today, we can look all we want as pictures, videos, and live images ambush us. The great debate has now shifted into; “are those real or fake?” Sex has broken free from the clutches of moral debates to set up its own podium and established itself as a subject to be considered in its own right. The reason? We are now active players and contributors to the sexual chaos. We are engaging in the acts, condoning and supporting them, or secretly harboring fantasies of the acts.