Half Way house Concept (Urban, Peri-Urban & Rural).

Why halfway house? Safe space for short-term stay and recuperation during marital therapy. Safety of both parties in conflict as well as children at risk when families fall apart.

Halfway house (Rural)-Orphans & Vulnerable children…HIV/Aids related cases, Other diseases and natural calamities e.g. Floods and mass population displacement. Abandoned young widows as a result of unhealthy Cultural practices: wife inheritance/death-burial rites.
Urban Setting- Job loss, Homelessness, Unsuitable living conditions, Pre-marital living arrangements and need for separate housing when marital conflict escalates. Children at risk during marital conflicts.

Services Offered

  • Marital conflict Mediation
  • Anger management clinics
  • Child Care (Post divorce/separation)
  • Psycho-social support for couples in conflict
  • Weekend gateway for working couples in need of Recreation and reflection
  • Music center fully kitted with modern instruments-keyboard, guitars, drums, wind instruments e.g. saxophones, flutes etc.
  • Modern Gym-fully kitted
  • Small and Micro Small Enterprise business empowerment Initiatives (seed fund for couples in conflict).
  • Couples Clinic Outreach Program: Outdoor experiential bonding for couples