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Welcome to PHD Africa

“Something amazing happens when we align our goals to God’s goals for marital relationships.”

Preserving Human Dignity (PHD) Africa Ministries is a registered non-profit Society in Kenya and exists to raise a generation of young people who love God completely, love themselves correctly and love others compassionately. It operates several programs aimed at empowering and championing youth-led, life enriching initiatives and inculcating Godly values that preserve the dignity of human life.


Software of Sex

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” (Frederick Douglass)

We live in a highly sexualized society. The moment we set foot outside our homes, sex is displayed, sold, or forcefully fed to us quicker than we are able to consume it. In fact, if sex or sexual content and all subliminal messages were to be pulled out of our economy, we would plunge into an economic meltdown as witnessed in 2007-2008.

Marriage Fun Facts

Top Ten Contributors of Marital Breakdown

1. Communication Breakdown
2. Ignoring Boundaries
3. Lack of Sexual Intimacy
4. Emotional or Sexual Infidelity
5. Fighting About Money
6. Selfishness
7. Value Differences
8. Different Life Stages
9. Boredom
10. Jealousy
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