Preserving Human Dignity (PHD) Africa Ministries is a registered non-profit Society in Kenya and exists to raise a generation of young people who love God completely, love themselves correctly and love others compassionately. It operates several programs aimed at empowering and championing youth-led, life enriching initiatives and inculcating Godly values that preserve the dignity of human life.

Marriage Clinic
Outreach Program


  • To serve the married and service marriages with an aim of making them thrive.
  • To promote the original God-ordained purpose of marriage.
  • To celebrate working marriages and be catalyst in healing troubled marriages.

Vision: A center of excellence for serving and servicing marriages in Africa

Motivation: Rather than complain of things as they are, we must envision things as they should be.

Mandate: To restore hope and dignity of the marriage union.

Target Goals

  • To raise, resource and release passionate His & Hers Balozi’s (Marriage Ambassadors) across the region (47 Counties of Kenya and spread out to the rest of Africa strategically) who will champion the healthy marriages initiative.
  • To develop, design and disseminate user-friendly, culturally relevant and Bible-centered Marriage enrichment tools (print and electronic-audio visual materials).
  • To identify, equip and commission 1,200 His & Hers Balozi’s every year across the country with a multiplier effect in mind.

To intentionally empower and strategically position 150 His & Hers Shujaaz (Marriage Champions) to reproduce the His & Hers Clinic model across the region.


That most marriages are struggling and barely surviving to save face for the public gallery is not a debatable reality today. Most recently we have witnessed heart rending stories of cold blood murder, homicide, suicide and beastly actions committed by partners in seemingly stable marriage relationships.  His and Hers aims to impact the family through intentional, well thought-out, Bible Centered and God-glorifying investment in couples (both the married and the unmarried) with an aim of laying a firm foundation that will entrench Godly values for healthy and thriving unions in this generation. Our culture today puts emphasis on weddings and the accompanying glamour but very little on preparing couples for the responsibility and challenges that come with marital commitment. It is our informed opinion  that more needs to be done in preparing and equipping couples with the necessary “tools” (Personal, Interpersonal and Intra-personal life skills and relational techniques) to enable them navigate and nurture healthy marital unions as well as raise Godly families.